the game series made by hat, places, is a exploration and full of random that you'll unusually see sometimes! it is also a hangout game where you can chat with friends!

places 3

for the places series, places 3 is not like a normal city, it's a random city! places 3 does not have a style, it's a style of all kinds. this version is kinda like the same idea as places 2, but it's a different city. so join us today!: play.

older versions

places 2

a major version for places, this version is a city, instead of a small village for places 1! play

places 1

notice - this version of places is very old, and is now obsolete, please play the latest version, thanks!

a small place, that has a few buildings, and a impossible, but not really detailed obby... and a forest with a lot of trees, that has a abandoned camp with a projector that can connect to a tv, IN A FOREST... WHICH DOES NOT MAKE SENSE... WE WELCOME YOU TO THE FIRST PLACES, PLACES 1. play (remastered version)

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