note: most of these games are roblox games, since it's WAY TOO hard to code a actual game.

places 3

a game full of exploring, hanging out, and more! you explore buildings all over this map, it may get boring after a while, but we may make it more fun in later versions. there's also secrets in this map, we also have a kinda-big team, over 10 team members. they may help out, and also this game has events, so if the creator of the game (which is hat obviously) joins, chances are a event might happen, or we'll just have a fun time, or either a internet realm event will happen, who knows? there is also a places+ membership, which expands more of places, and we will might add more soon, so just know that incase. some of the buildings teleport you to the inside of the building, or you can just enter some of them inside, like the normal way. play places 3 now for some exploration experience.

play places 3 now!

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