home information

okay, so UHHHHHH basically here's your "information" you wanted.

im a person on the internet, and i just waste my time doing anything on it for some reason on the planet, and i do not understand why i do it at all.

i am also a lazy person and i'm the most laziest trash when it comes to getting ideas and doing that idea. few days later, lazy to work on the idea again, never working on it again. i have legitimately made over 200 games on Roblox and have never finished a single one.

i use discord, spend 83% of my time on it. what a waste of my life!

i am also on roblox, but i do not play it as much as i used to. if ya check it out, here ya go.

i also have steam. i own some games on there, but not alot at all. only play a few games, and got bored of most of them. gmod and tf2 are the only ones i play at this point. if you want my steam, then yeah.

also make youtube videos, very garbage and low quality. most popular video is sadly a fortnite roblox meme WHY DOES THAT ONE SPECIFIC VIDEO ONLY GET VIEWS ON MY CHANNEL. anyways, if you wanna check out my trash channel, then boom waka waka.

guess that's really all there is non personal about me to say, so yeah