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hey bros. after the last couple of weeks, i've been starting to realize my site is too simple. alot of the sites on neocities look way better than what mines look. so, if plain html is outdated, and if flat design isn't the right choice for me, i guess i'll go with the DOS or Macintosh look.

don't worry, none of part of this site will vanish (except for some old, unlinked unneeded pages on this site, but those are a part of this site's history, so eh i guess i'll jus keep them.)

and also, there will and might be some pages on the site that will be strange with this new design, probably because of the resolution this page has.

oh yeah and prepare for the crappy test examples to see if they work with the new design lol

wait....... DID I JUST FORGET ABOUT A CHANGELOOGGGGG???????????? ok here you go.