how to join

Installing the mods

first, download the pack you need to install the mods (go there, and click "download all")

when the download finishes, extract the .zip file it downloaded

once that finishes, if you don't have Minecraft Forge 1.12.2 2854 already installed on your computer, run the .jar file that's in the folder that you extracted.

once you complete the forge installation from the .jar file, go change the file explorer path to "%AppData%\.minecraft" (WITHOUT QUOTES)

Example below:

now, create a new explorer window and find the folder that you extracted again. the folder should have a "mods" folder. drag that "mods" folder into the minecraft directory that you just went into.

Joining the server

once thats done, startup the minecraft launcher and find a profile that has forge in it. if you can't find one make a new profile, and locate a 1.12.2 2854 forge version in the versions list.

startup the profile and it should take 5 minutes to startup because there's a lot of mods. (this takes 4 gb of ram to run, so you need 6-8 gb of ram minimum to be able to play properly)

once the game is done starting up, just ask me for the server ip and then you can join. discord hattolo#5197

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