contribute to hatsno

have you ever wanted to contribute to the fictional language hatsno???? well you cannnnnn

but there are rules for that. follow them and you could get your word added to the hatsno language!

first off, you must have contact with me! you can do this by going to the comments on this site, and then use the template below.

"i want to add a word to hatsno. word: the english word is (THE ENGLISH VERSION OF THE WORD), and the hatsno version of that english word should be (THE HATSNO VERSION OF THE WORD.)"

but dont do that yet! do that after you make your hatsno word.

your hatsno word will be based off a normal english word. for example, "nice".

all words in the hatsno language MUST have the letter "h". so turn your word into "nhice".

but you can't just slap on a "h" on a word and call it a deal. you have to change up some of the letters! adding new letters is optional.

so, "nhice" will be turned into "nhiacde".

you've made your first hatsno word! but wait, you need to check if a english word turned into hatsno already exists in the dictionary. so go to the dictionary page, and ctrl f. ctrl f is something your browser already has. it's a search feature to search words in a page quickly. so when you press ctrl f, you will see a search bar in your browser. no, not the search bar you use to search up the internet. it's a search bar you use to search up the words on a web page. so click the new search bar, and type your english word that you've done. our example word we used was "nice", so type that in the search bar. if it could find a word, that means the word is already taken! if it could find a word, then do not send the hatsno word you made to me.

if the word you made gets onto the dictionary, then congratulations, you made it. so that is how you contribute to hatsno!

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