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you've either come here because you wanted to bypass that "site is down" screen, or you're wanting to find out what the site is going to have soon, or you're just hat testing out something.

fact - uhhh yes thank you for calling Microsoft Tech Support how may i help you today ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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this site is if it was made in the old windows era as a theme. this theme is supposed to look ugly on purpose, representing how websites looked like in the 90s and probably maybe in the early 2000s. there are also many easter eggs in this site, and also a secret page. try to find as much easter eggs as you can! (btw, you have to manually type urls to find these easter eggs, so keep on getting error pages until you get a found page!) the rest of it is just me of my own stuff. you can check it out if you want to.


random stuff

scared hat


htmil: poo mac
hatto: poo mac
htmil: yes
hatto: e
hatto: a
hatto: r
hatto: f
hatto: h
hatto: s
Survival: Mugman
hatto: what mugman
Survival: Muggerman
hatto: what is muggerman
Survival: Muggerman into the man that has the muggerman with the man
hatto: oh ok
hatto: a
hatto: n


light mode - disabled forever, because why would you need light mode anyways? it just kills your eyes into oblivion.


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