what does hattoBot get hosted on?

hattoBot gets hosted on Heroku, which is a free cloud service to host your apps 24/7. sometimes I can reach my free limit that can make my bot offline, so please be aware of that.

why is hattoBot offline sometimes?

this can be of many reasons, either a coding error, or my heroku app has reached the limit of hours, or because I am working on something big for hatbot, or it's simply because I dont want to work on it anymore. (if that ever happens)

what do you use to code hattoBot?

hattoBot is coded with Visual Studio Code. it's a very good IDE, you should try it.

why is hattoBot so boring, you have nothing to do!

i'm not really advanced at discord bots yet so this bot is kinda basic tbh, so that explains why it is boring to use for now.

is there an history for this bot?

yes, there is. hatbot started in september 2017 as an basic python discord bot, which was literally useless even though the bot had like an hundred commands, and all of them were pretty much useless, so that's why I apparently just killed the bot, also the bot was rarely online because I didnt use heroku back then. then in early 2018, the bot gets rebooted, it's a useless bot again, few days later, it dies. then a few months later the bot turns into better I guess. yes really dumb history.

does hattoBot have an mind of its own?

no it doesnt, it's a coded bot. it does not use any cleverbot api. if you see it saying things that it shouldnt say, then it's just people using the =say command, nothing else.

who made this bot?

hatto#4913 and HTMiL#6218

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