welcome to hat's gmod server!



please note this server is mainly a server for my friends, and if you're a stranger joining then please do not abuse, if you abuse you will get banned.

if you are joining this server for the first time it'll take a million years to install the addons and waste your space on your computer so please be patient.

this server is not 24/7 at all. so you will get the "disconnected from server" in a few hours.

there is also a very weird thing about this server, and that is it may crash sometimes and get the "autodisconnect" message because some people can join and then the server just crashes. this may be the addons, because i've tried to remove addons and then my friend that couldnt join was able to join, but when I added the addons back in, the server continues to crash when he joins. this is a extremely weird bug and this may get fixed in the future by removing each addon until we remove a addon that allows some people to join.

also, if it says missing map, then you need to subscribe to the map. I cant automatically download all the maps and all the methods dont work for me, so i'll try to solve this in the future.

anyways, have a good time in this server when you join.

hat studios